Welcome to 4F Ranch

Texas 4F Ranch is located in Hubbard, Texas. Established in 2015, we specialize in breeding the most beautiful bovine breed in the world, the Texas Longhorns. The herd at 4F Ranch have entrusted Brian and April to manage everything from their meals to their healthcare and pedicures. To learn more about the rich and exciting history of the Texas Longhorn cattle, be sure to check out our VIDEOS.

At 4F Ranch, we strive to produce the highest quality registered stock in the industry. From the overall body structure, productivity, feed efficiency, and maternal instincts of the cattle. These are only a portion of the requirements we demand from cattle wearing our brand. To view our herd, check out the OUR HERD link. Please note, every animal on the page is available for purchase but those who are on sale can be found in our SALE PEN.

We have over 100,000 followers on the social media. Our most active account is on Tik-Tok and you can find us under the name @CattleGuy. A number of the followers asked for branded merchandise and you can find the growing list of those items in the MERCANTILE link. Funds generated from our website are 100% put back in the ranch. Helping us purchase hay, mend fences or purchase new genetics. Your support for this 1st generation Texas ranch is greatly appreciated!